Northern Territory

Smoke Alarm Laws In The Northern Territory

Everyone knows that smoke alarms are important, but do you know exactly what the laws are concerning smoke alarms in the Northern Territory? Knowing these smoke alarm laws and regulations will help you to stay in compliance and will help to keep you safe. Every person in the Northern Territory should know these rules by heart.

Smoke Alarm Replacement Laws

The first and most important law is that every residential property is required to have a functioning smoke alarm. If this smoke alarm is an ionization smoke alarm then you are not required to replace it with a photoelectric smoke alarm until it stops working, the property is sold, the property is rented out, or a tenancy is renewed. These regulations help to ensure that functioning smoke alarms are always present in residential properties and that the switch over to the preferred photoelectric smoke alarm is completed at the appropriate time.

Smoke Alarm Legislation In The Northern Territory

Smoke alarm guidelines are also dependent on when homes were built. Homes that were built before the 1st of January 1997 are only required to have a smoke alarm with a 9 volt battery power source installed. If you do any renovations or add any extensions onto the property then you will want to consult the building certifier if you need to add in a smoke alarm that has a connection to 240 volts mains power. Homes built after the 1st of January 1997 are required to have smoke alarms that are hard-wired and have a connection to 240 volts mains power. A back-up battery is also required. The responsibility for the installation of these smoke alarms falls on the owners and landlords of said properties while the maintenance of these devices falls to the tenants.

Property Access

Landlords can access their properties whenever safety issues necessitate it. Emergencies and urgent repairs allow landlords to enter at any time while other reasons for entering the premises require an entry notice, sufficient warning, and the consent of the tenant. Because smoke alarms are a safety issue and smoke alarm maintenance is considered an urgent necessary repair, the notice required in this instance is usually 48 hours.

Knowing these smoke alarm regulations allows you to keep up with them. This will allow you to be in compliance with them and to stay safe. Everyone in the Northern Territory should know these rules and adhere to them to ensure tenant safety.