What You Need To Know About Smoke Alarm Legislation In Victoria

Smoke alarm legislation in Victoria is in place for a reason. It saves lives. By understanding the ins and outs of this legislation and its reasons for existing, you can help to carry out the lifesaving intentions of smoke alarm legislation in Victoria.

Smoke Alarms Are The Law

Beginning on the first of August 1997, Victorian law declared that smoke alarms are required in all residences and these smoke alarms must be in compliance with Australian standards AS3786. Legal responsibility for the installation of functioning smoke alarms falls to landlords and owners. Every single smoke alarm is required to have a battery, has to be tested on a regular basis to ensure that it is functioning properly, and must be replaced once a period of 10 years has passed. There are special types of smoke alarms for individuals who are hearing impaired and deaf/blind so that they, too, may receive the lifesaving information that smoke alarms can provide.

What Does Your Sense Of Smell Have To Do With It?

Your sense of smell does not function the same way that it does when you are awake when you are asleep. You cannot smell smoke immediately when you are sleeping, so you could easily become engulfed in smoke before you realize what is going on, and by then, it could be too late. It can take as little as two to three minutes for even a small fire to overtake a room, and a smoke alarm can help to give you the early warning that you need to escape unharmed and alive.

The Issue Of Landlord Access

Landlords can access their properties whenever safety issues necessitate it. Emergencies and urgent repairs allow landlords to enter at any time while other reasons for entering the premises require an entry notice, sufficient warning, and the consent of the tenant. Because smoke alarms are a safety issue and smoke alarm maintenance is considered an urgent necessary repair, the notice required in this instance is usually 48 hours.

These are the basic facts that you need to know about smoke alarm legislation in Victoria. Because your sense of smell does not function while you sleep, you need another way to make yourself aware of the presence of smoke. Smoke alarms are this other way, and they could very well save the lives of tenants.